Philosophy Statement

The philosophy of ABC Daycare Centre (the "Centre") is to provide a safe and happy environment where a child can develop at his or her own rate in a Montessori-style program. The program is delivered through meaningful activities and play opportunities that are developed with the group and individual needs of the child in mind.

The Centre is a place of discovery where children are actively involved in their own development. There will be freedom to choose activities and the children will have the right to communicate their thoughts and ideas.Children will develop their self-confidence through problem solving and becoming aware of their growing abilities. The Centre will strive to provide a safe, nurturing environment that accommodates the needs of all children. The Centre will also endeavor to create a place that engenders self-respect as well as a respect for others. The children will be involved in deciding for themselves how to achieve these goals. The role of staff members at the Centre will be to observe and facilitate children's physical, social, intellectual, creative, and emotional development through a variety of valuable learning explorations and experiences that are created to meet the particular needs of each child.


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